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Are you a member of New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors?

We are honored to be a member of The New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors, a statewide professional group consisting of skilled land surveyors and allied professionals.

New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors


What can you do to protect the investment in you home?

At Yannaccone, Villa, & Aldrich, LLC., we understand that buying a home is the most significant purchase you will ever make. It is not only a smart financial decision but also a wise choice to safeguard this valuable asset. To ensure the protection and preservation of your home ownership, it is crucial to have a land survey conducted by a licensed Professional Land Surveyor. Remember, while a lender’s Policy safeguards the bank, it does not provide the same level of protection for homeowners. That’s why, when making this substantial investment, it is essential to demand an Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance with the Survey Endorsement, coupled with a current land survey certified to you. Explore the best options and secure the future of your home with us.

What is title insurance and how does a land survey expand its coverage?

Title insurance protects the mortgage lender and the property owner (if insured) against claims to the property, such as a disputed property boundary line. Most mortgage lenders require the home buyer to purchase a title insurance policy in the lender’s name. This is called a Lender’s policy. Title insurance policies do not provide coverage for encroachments, easements, and boundary line disputes, which would be disclosed by a current certified survey. This is known as the Survey Exception. Mortgage lenders routinely require a Survey Endorsement for their loan policies, limiting the scope of the Survey Exception to the specific problems disclosed by the survey. In other words, a Survey Endorsement provides coverage against possible undiscovered problems involving encroachments, easements, and boundary line disputes.
To protect yourselves as home buyers, you should insist on an Owner’s Policy with a Survey Endorsement based on a professionally prepared current land survey.

How does a land survey help identify title to property?

Land surveys from Yannaccone, Villa, & Aldrich, LLC. help identify the title lines of your property. Our certified survey map clearly shows the limits of the land you are purchasing, providing critical information for informed decision-making. When combined with title insurance, our land survey empowers you to negotiate with the seller and address any defects before the purchase. Rest assured, our certified land survey offers important protection against potential claims that may arise after the closing. Trust Yannaccone, Villa, & Aldrich, LLC. for comprehensive land survey solutions.

What is required to become a Professional Land Surveyor?

To meet the qualifications for licensure in New Jersey, an individual must have a four-year college degree in Surveying, three years or more of practical experience, and pass a 16-hour written examination administered by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Once licensed, the Professional Land Surveyor must obtain 24 hours of continuing education credits every two years to maintain active status.

Who can do a land survey?

In New Jersey, a land survey must be conducted and certified by a licensed Professional Land Surveyor. At Yannaccone, Villa, & Aldrich, LLC., we ensure that your land survey is performed to the highest professional standards.

Why should I not waive the marking of property corners?

Boundary lines shown on a survey map of the property can be challenging to accurately locate on the ground without markers indicating the corners of the property. Placing markers is crucial to prevent future disputes and allows you to easily identify the physical location of your property. At Yannaccone, Villa, & Aldrich, LLC., we understand the importance of properly marking property corners and are here to help you navigate this process.

How is a land survey performed?

The land surveyor’s responsibility is to locate on the ground the boundaries of the land described in the deed. The surveyor also examines and maps various visible and apparent man-made and natural features as required for the purpose of the survey. Recorded deeds and maps are investigated along with the information and documentation supplied to the surveyor by the owner or title company. Additionally, extensive data gathering is performed at and around the site.

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