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Engineering and Land Surveying Services


What can you do to protect the investment in you home?

Buying a home is usually the single largest purchase you will ever make! It makes sound financial sense as well as good common sense to protect this important asset. A land survey prepared by a licensed Profession Land Surveyor is a cornerstone of protection and...

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How does a land survey help identify title to property?

Land surveys identify the record title lines of your property. The survey map shows the limits of the land that you are purchasing. A land survey certified to you provides critical information which, when used with title insurance, allows the buyer to make informed...

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What is required to become a Professional Land Surveyor?

To meet the qualifications for licensure in New Jersey, an individual must have a four year college degree in Surveying, three years or more of practical experience, and pass a 16 hour written examination administered by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs....

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Why should I not waive the marking of property corners?

Boundary lines shown on a survey map of the property may be difficult to locate accurately on the ground without markers denoting the corners of the property. Placing markers helps to avoid future disputes and enables you to identify the physical location of your...

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How is a land survey performed?

The land surveyor's responsibility is to locate on the ground the boundaries of the land described in the deed. The surveyor also examines and maps various visible and apparent man-made and natural features as required for the purpose of the survey. Recorded deeds and...

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